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Beautifully built and maintained landscapes connect us with our natural environment, extending our livable space and reflecting our personal style in outdoor spaces. Since 1979, Wonderland Tree Care + Landscapes has built a positive reputation for combining quality and environmentally responsible tree care and landscaping practices with superior customer service for homeowners on Long Island’s North Shore.

Having a trustworthy, capable partner in the care and construction process makes it even more enjoyable. We deliver the highest quality services, proving our expertise and extensive skills by completing landscape projects of all scopes and sizes.

We partner with you to bring your vision to life with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are dedicated to increasing the appreciation of trees and educating the public about proper tree care and management, which is why we strictly adhere to the best-practice standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Additionally, we provide a safe work environment with advancement opportunities for our employees, and we are committed to leading with integrity.

our history

When Thomas Golon started Wonderland Tree Care + Landscapes more than four decades ago, his goal was to build an environmentally responsible company where all employees could work together to provide clients with the highest quality service in the safest manner. Here’s a snapshot of how Wonderland has grown from a small business to be the premier tree care and landscape service provider for Long Island’s North Shore.

EST 1979
  • 1979 - When we first started as Wonderland Tree Service, we provided tree pruning and removal services. We had one truck and one chipper that were stored in a small garage on a large, local estate.

  • 1981 - Our area was victim to a large infestation of gypsy moth caterpillars, and in response, we developed a plant health care division that provided traditional blanket pest-management spraying. We experienced dramatic company growth in that first year of spraying. Many of those clients are still with us 40 years later.

  • 1984 - With significant business growth came the opportunity for us to transition to Wonderland Tree Care, Inc., an incorporated business with shareholders.

  • 1987 - In 1987, due to regulatory pressure on the industry, Wonderland started an integrated pest management program called ArborHealthSystems. Keeping to our goal of being an environmentally responsible business, we were able to reduce our pesticide usage up to 90% compared to the traditional blanket approach, while keeping insect and disease levels at an acceptable threshold.

  • 1995 - We outgrew our first location and moved our equipment to a space with four large shop bays, a yard and an outfitted mechanic shop. Our business office was in a local garden center with a display area to market our services to garden-center customers.

  • 2005 - The rapid growth of the business unveiled an opportunity to further streamline our processes. In 2005, we completed the TCIA Accreditation program, a third-party consumer-confidence verification program. We were the first tree care company on Long Island to earn TCIA Accreditation.

  • 2008 - Our ArborHealthSystems program underwent improvements and became prescription-treatment based, resulting in a name change which we still use to this day: ARBORX™.

  • 2009 - Wonderland grew our service offerings to include a new landscaping division. This holistic approach to property care was designed to meet our clients’ needs.

  • 2014 - Our business office moved to a newly renovated space in the same building as our shop. Consolidating our operations into one location resulted in improved efficiencies throughout the business, enabling us to further focus on providing top-notch tree and landscape care.

  • 2022 - Wonderland Tree Care named a Top 20 Tree Care Company in America by the Tree Care Industry Association. This ranking was based off of results from accreditation auditor visits, workers compensation ratings, and the company's overall commitment to safety.

  • Moving Forward - We are fortunate that Wonderland Tree Care + Landscapes has family shareholders invested in the current and future success of the business, especially as leadership passes along to the next generation.

    Our founder, Tom, is working closely with son David to craft a seamless transition, ensuring the relationships we’ve established with our clients and community will stay intact and treated with the same level of care.

“Our high standards have been established for one reason — to exceed the expectations of our clients.”

our team

Wonderland Tree Care + Landscapes is a family-owned company founded on the pillars of environmental responsibility, transformational leadership, and excellent customer service. Since 1979, we’ve built a reputation of providing homeowners with the highest-quality tree care on the North Shore of Long Island. We couldn’t do it without our dedicated, forward-thinking team of professionals.

With a strong family presence and multiple team members that have been with Wonderland for more than 10 years, coupled with a combined 300+ years of experience, you can rest assured your property is in qualified hands that have done their fair share of digging, planting and caring.

Does Wonderland Tree Care + Landscapes Sound Like a Team You’d Like to Join? We’re always interested in bringing on new team members who have a love for nature, enjoy a good challenge and thrive in service-focused opportunities. Check out our current positions for more information and to apply.

  • Thomas Golon Thomas GolonPresident, Certified Arborist
  • David Golon David GolonVice President, Certified Arborist
  • Peter Golon Peter GolonCertified Arborist
  • Michael Ferris Michael FerrisCertified Arborist
  • Emily Gamble Emily GambleOffice Manager
  • Tracy Conover Tracy ConoverController
  • Shigo (company pup) ShigoProperty Consultant


Are you looking for a rewarding career with opportunities for growth? Do you love working outdoors and getting your hands dirty? Does meeting new people and solving problems excite you? If so, arboriculture may be the career for you. Whether you’re new to the tree care industry or a seasoned professional, Wonderland Tree Care + Landscapes is always on the lookout for our next team member.

Our Competitive Advantage

We know that happy employees are safer and more productive. To that end, we offer competitive compensation and an extensive benefits package, which includes health insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, paid holidays, paid vacation and tuition reimbursement. We provide uniforms and PPE, ongoing professional development, and career advancement opportunities. If you want to join a highly skilled and dynamic team, problem-solve on the fly, work in the great outdoors, and skill up with the support of your crew and leadership team, we want to hear from you.


Arborist Arborist Trainee & Intern Plant Health Care Technician


  • Health insurance plan
  • Competitive compensation
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Paid holiday
  • Direct Deposit
  • Company-paid uniforms
  • Paid vacation
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Ongoing professional training programs
  • Career growth and advancement benefits