Winter Tree Care Nassau County NY

Winter is the ideal time to prune many shade and ornamental trees in Glen Head NY. Pruning a tree during dormancy provides many benefits to you and your trees. A tree's structure becomes very evident with the lack of foliage to block our view. Seeing the framework of a tree in this form allows our arborists evaluate the structural integrity of your trees more completely while also identify any needed modifications. If modifications are needed, clean up is sped up by only having to remove limbs rather than all the heavy leaves. This saves us time and you money.

Trees respond to dormant pruning differently than any other time of the year. Pruning wounds often close faster than the same wound created in the summer. Pruning trees in dormancy also stimulates growth in a tree.

By pruning trees in the winter, we can take advantage of weather patterns not seen in the other seasons. Frozen ground and potential snow cover provide great opportunities to work over lawns and other sensitive areas of your landscape that may be damaged during other times of the year. The frozen ground also allows for heavy equipment to be moved closer to a tree saving time and money in the process.

Winter tree work also allows our highly skilled professional crews employment all year-round. Year round employment is a requisite for all of us. Utility bills, loans, tuition, car payments and other bills don’t respond to seasonality of work. Wonderland Tree Care provides year round employment to our talented employees. In actuality, this pledge to our staff allows us to bring together and maintain the professional crews that capably and constantly tend to your property. You can help preserve this resource, by permitting us to plan your work throughout the year. The team at Wonderland Tree Care has provided the areas best tree care services to residents of Glen Head, Locust Valley NY, and beyond. Give us a call today!