Tick Control / Management

In recent years, tick populations have been growing on Long Island and so are the number of reported cases of tick borne illnesses. Ticks can quickly transmit diseases to humans and pets after attaching themselves.

Wonderland Tree Care employs an ITM (Integrated Tick Management) program to control tick populations on residential and commercial properties. After an initial inspection of the property by one of our Arborists, we develop a plan tailored to your property combining property barrier spray treatments and treatments targeting tick breeding sites (mice nests).

In most cases, ticks do not live in sunny grassy areas and therefore treatment in these areas is not needed. Wonderland Tree Care's ITM program is eco friendly, limiting the quantity of pesticides applied to your property and targeting the areas most prone to tick habitats. The modern materials used in today's treatments are far less toxic than in the past and are used in low concentrations. Wonderland Tree Care's program uses Bifenthrin and Permethrin based products that do not leach through soils.

Tick Control in Locust Valley NY

For peace of mind in your yard contact your Arborist to discuss Integrated Tick Management. We provide reliable, effective tick control service to Oyster Bay, Locust Valley, Lloyd Harbor, and surrounding areas of Long Island NY.

Tick Control Locust Valley NY