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Wonderland Tree Care take a comprehensive look at Insect and Disease Management using a combination of an Integrated Pest Management Program and Plant Health Care. Pesticides may be used as part of a good pest control program along with physical and biological control in addition to sound cultural practices. Wonderland Tree Care Arborists will help you to develop a program to control the insect and disease issues affecting the trees and shrubs on your property while paying attention to the beneficial insects that may be present and helping to maintain the optimal health of your plants.

As a response to the organic and green movement across the country, many product manufactures have developed newer more environmentally sensitive products. Wonderland Tree Care continues to integrate many of these options in our programs after they have been tested for their effectiveness and efficacy. Ask your arborist about OMRI listed materials and Organic options for your property.

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ArborX is Wonderland Tree Care's premier plant healthcare program. This program combines traditional horticultural practice with the latest technology and environmentally responsible tree & shrub care. Ultimately, better pest management with less treatment materials, keeping your valuable trees and shrubs as green as possible.

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