Why Do Your Trees and Shrubs Need Fertilizer?

Trees in urban and suburban landscape settings such as Long Island are under many more stresses than trees in woodland settings. Our fertilizers are custom blended for your specific tree needs. We can help replenish all of the essential plant nutrients to promote root growth and strengthen plant resilience, as well as stimulate beneficial microbial activity in the soil to enhance nutrient availability and improved soil water infiltration.

As the leading expert on tree and shrub care on Long Island since 1979, you can count on Wonderland Tree Care to:

Provide the MOST accurate evaluation of your tree's health.

This evaluation of your growing environment determines the correct formulation and type of fertilizer your trees and shrubs need to thrive.

Prescribe the BEST fertilizer to address your tree's needs.

We have a staff of highly trained tree care professionals, Entomologists, Certified Arborists, and Vertified Tree Care Safety Professionals. You can trust that your trees and shrubs will be fertilized following university based research and industry standards to ensure prolonged health and vigor.

Ensure the RIGHT applications at the RIGHT time.

Timing is everything. Our technicians have received hours of training on the proper application of the various types of fertilizer we use. Your trees and shrubs will receive the highest quality care possible.

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