Arbor-X PLant Care Management System

ARBORx is Wonderland Tree Care's premier plant healthcare program combining traditional horticultural practices with the latest technology and environmentally responsible tree & shrub care. Ultimately, better pest management with less treatment materials. Keeping your valuable trees and shrubs as green as possible. Our ARBORx program reduces chemical usage by up to 90% over traditional treatment programs while protecting the environment and your living assets.

ARBORx integrates monitoring your landscape to accurately identify pests that are present so that appropriate control decisions can be made right on the property while setting action thresholds for when action must be taken to control the pest. Once monitoring, identification and action thresholds indicate control is needed our technicians make the appropriate treatment using the latest scientifically proven materials to control the pest.

ARBORx looks at pest and disease management in a holistic approach working to conserve beneficial insect population and also how cultural practices could reduce the insect and disease pressures on your property without even using pesticides at times.

To discuss how ARBORx can benefit your landscape, call your arborist today to discuss.