Our History

Wonderland Tree Service was formed in 1979 by Thomas Golon and has built a solid reputation on Long Island’s historic and beautiful North Shore by providing our clients with quality tree care.   When we first started in 1979, we provided tree pruning and removal services.  In 1981, we developed a plant health care division that provided traditional blanket-type pest management spraying.  In our first year of spraying, our area was victim to a large infestation of gypsy moth caterpillars, and our company grew dramatically.  Many of those first clients are still with us 30 years later.  In 1984 the company was incorporated as Wonderland Tree Care, Inc.

In 1987, due to regulatory pressure on the industry, Wonderland Tree Care, Inc. started an Integrated Pest Management program called ArborHealthSystems (AHS).   This program had a large competitive edge since at that time we were one of only two to three companies on Long Island providing this type of service.  With ArborHealthSystems, we were able to reduce our pesticide usage by 50%-80% compared to the traditional blanket approach, while keeping insect and disease levels at an acceptable threshold.   AHS gave our company great credibility due to the relationship building we were able to create with our clients and for the environmentally-conscious steps we took at reducing pesticides.  In 2008, we improved this program to be more prescription treatment based and changed the name to ARBORx™.

When Thomas Golon started the firm over three decades ago his major goal was to build an environmentally responsible company where all employees could work together to provide our clients with the highest quality service in the safest manner.

When the company started in 1979, we had one truck and one chipper that were stored on a large estate that had a small garage.  By 1995, we outgrew that location and moved to a location where we have four large shop bays, yard space, and an outfitted mechanic shop.  Our business office was located in a Garden Center with a display area to market our service to garden center customers until February of 2014. In February of 2014 we moved our offices to a newly renovated space in the same building as our shop. He had outgrown our old offices and consolidating our operation into one location made for many efficiencies.

Wonderland Tree Care, Inc. operates on a very personal level, with relationships being paramount.  We are ever mindful that we are a client-driven organization.  Our high standards have been established for one reason -- to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Today, Wonderland Tree Care continues to improve and refine its operations to be more environmentally consciences than ever. In 2014 we launched out ARBORx Green program. ARBORx Green is a Natural Based program sharing the same foundation and science as our already effective ARBORx program. In 2015 we aim to transition our fleet of trucks and equipment over to Bio-Diesel. This is a great technology that is becoming more available on Long Island.

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